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Generate Income with Potential Downside Protection

Invest in Structured Notes with TSG across investment themes including tech, consumer and diversified portfolios. 

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Globally, the Structured Notes market is approximately $3T in size

What are Structured Notes and how do they work...

Structured Notes are hybrid securities that are issued as debt, but whose outcomes are tied to the performance of an underlying stock.

Structured notes can be growth and/or income focused. Each individual income structured note pays a quarterly coupon, while providing downside protection.


Structured Notes are one of the most
innovative options to come out
since the mutual fund.

Why invest in structured notes with TSG?
TSG is providing investors with an easy and effective way to invest in portfolios of structured notes.

Here's the Bottom Line...

Structured notes present interesting investing opportunities for savvy investors and those looking to diversify their investments.

Structured notes allow for personalized risk and good returns based on how underlying assets perform. They offer a way to interact with various market segments or asset types without direct investment. This, in turn, helps to spread out risks.

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Expand your alternative investment portfolio with TSG

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