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Forbes Finance Council Is An Invitation-Only Organization
For Senior-Level Financial Services Executives And Leaders.

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Drew Spaventa, Member

Drew Spaventa is the founder and CEO of The Spaventa Group, a leading alternative investment company. He commands over a decade of experience as an investment manager, equities trader, research analyst, fund manager, and executive and currently holds a series 65 securities license. Drew is hyper-focused on creating and investing in new, innovative wealth-building assets.

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ChatGPT And Generative Artificial Intelligence In Finance

“Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the type of AI that is capable of generating new data or information based on the patterns and structures it has learned from existing data. It is an approach to AI that focuses on creating models that can simulate human creativity and intelligence. But how exactly do these generative AI models work?


What Investors Can Learn From the Twitter Buyout

The biggest beneficiaries, in my opinion, of Musk’s buyout of the “blue bird” are high-growth tech investors themselves. And I’m not talking about the investors of Twitter, but the broader universe of high-growth tech-related companies.

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The Growing Popularity Of The Private Secondary Market

Investor interest in the private secondary market continues to expand as the number of large, exciting private companies increases.While the burgeoning secondary market may still be difficult to navigate alone, finding and establishing a solid relationship with a secondary-focused firm eliminates many of the disadvantages mentioned above.


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